Ripped off by broker

For 3 maybe 4 years, we have stuck with the same car insurer – probably under sufferance since we area bit lazy looking for more quotes elsewhere and admittedly Onesure were competitively priced. Sadly that’s where the good news ends, since the policy was due to end on 25 March my partner rang several days before (joint policy, and she has approval to speak on my behalf) to explain that we would no longer be using them for cover. Since that point it has been a nightmare, there appears to have been no recognition that the policy was not to continue this year and they have bombarded us with demands for crankily priced "late cancellation" costs – £200 plus initlally, then maybe they thought that was too high even for them and that became £170….they were told both by email and by phone that we had no intention of paying as they had been notified; at the last count they claim, bafflingly that we hadn’t cancelled until the 16 April.
I find tonight that they debited the money from my account regardless, yesterday. My card details had been on file as I’d paid the premium in several instalments that way last year. Am I being unreasonable in thinking this is not on?? Financial Ombudsman were notified on Monday that we were having issues, as they also refused to send on NCB proof – we have since seen that similar complaints abound online on review sites, particularly Trustpilot. How do i stand as far as any hope of getting that money refunded, is a chargeback on the card possible if I speak to my bank? I’m angry as they had been informed from the start.

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