Roof tile damaged car- claim against housing association



Last night a roof tile fell from the roof of my housing association block (I live in the ground floor flat and I think the other residents have shared ownership, I am a regular council house tenant).

I went out to my car (parked in my designated car parking space outside my front door) to find shards of tile all over the bonnet. The main chunk of tile was on the floor. there is a three inch dent/scrape on my bonnet. I took pics of it all.

I have reported this, this morning to the HA as I feel the roof is unsafe. I have previously reported that the neighbours trees are leaning on the roof, and the guttering has fallen down, water is pouring down the walls when it rains. If another tile falls like that it could injure someone.

How do I go about putting a claim in against the HA for repair to my car without affecting my no claims bonus?

The other issue is that my car is scruffy with lots of dings and scrapes, is it worth pursuing a claim in the first place?



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