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Hi On behalf of a very mature and non – Internet – savvy friend…… she has SAGA car insurance. During the year she pranged her car and claimed for damage repair. SAGA sent her a renewal quote for £600, due 1 June.

She is rather tardy but today she at last sought advice from a local broker for a better quote.

When she got home there was a letter from SAGA to say that they have already taken the premium (from her bank account I assume as she swears she hasn’t sent a cheque off to them).

The broker, by the way, said she couldn’t do any better than the SAGA quote.
If that’s correct it looks as though she’s stuck with SAGA.

Putting that to one side, this ‘automatic deduction’ sounds unusual.
I haven’t seen her paperwork so only have her word for what’s gone on. I can only guess that somewhere along the line she signed a direct debit mandate. She says no. Any other ideas?



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