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Evening – I hope someone can help me out or, at the very least, calm me down!

My partner has a Sainsbury’s 0% balance transfer card and has done since January 2017 – we used it for a balance transfer and pay at least the balance divided by the number of months on the interest free period each month (normal payment is between £170 and £140) I make this payment religiously on the 28th of each month – our pay day.

My partner looked at her credit club score a short while ago and noticed it had lessened and it turns out it was because of a late payment on this card – basically the statement dates vary and, I hold my hands up, I was not aware this was the case. My payment went in on the 28th, as normal, but it turns out the statement date was the 27th – every other statement date has been after the 28th since taking the card out.

I’m beside myself worrying now that I’ve ruined her credit history and we’re just about to start the process of looking to move home so are concerned about mortgages. Has anyone any experience of how I can sort this out or do I just need to take this on the chin?

Thanks in advance.


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