Scammed by Taxi Driver – what to do?



I’ve fallen foul of what is probably a quite common scam. On a recent trip to Budapest I took a taxi from my hotel to the airport. The cost was 8000 HUF (about £22). On arrival I asked to pay by card, the taxi driver took my card and presented me the card machine to enter my PIN. He processed the payment then handed my back my card, the credit card slip and a hand-written receipt for 8000 HUF. All good I thought.

When I arrived home I checked my credit card statement to find a spurious transaction for £228 on my card. On closer inspection this was for 80,000 HUF at the exact time and date of my taxi journey. Basically he charged me ten times what he should have done. I checked the credit card slip he gave me with the written receipt to find it had been ripped it off above where the transaction amount was.

I called my card provider to dispute the transaction, however they said they would not pursue the dispute with Visa because the fact I entered the PIN it counts as my authorization of the transaction. I explained that the taxi driver never showed me the amount on the machine before asking me to enter my PIN, but they said it was not important, entering my PIN authorizes the transaction.

To his credit, the agent on the phone then tried to assist me in locating the details of the taxi driver/company to try and dispute with them, however the paperwork appears to be deliberately misleading or vague. There is no identifying information on the hand written receipt – and the card transaction is made to a processing company called ‘Impeller KFT’, for which the only information we can find is the Hungarian equivalent of a Company’s House entry.

Any thoughts on what I should do next? Can I make a section 75 claim on this?


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