Scottish – need insurance advice


I own a flat and we are clearing it and getting it easy to sell.
We have a downstairs neighbour who we have had ongoing issues with – police involved etc – so we are not on speaking terms.

We are also not living in the flat.

In January we received a phone call from the police to say this neighbour was about to force entry to our flat due to a leak.

I got to the flat in 20 mins and found a small drip from a pipe – I switched off water and placed a bucket under the pipe.

No police or neighbour evident when I arrived,

I then had a knock at the door and it was. Man identifying himself as ‘the plumber’ – I explained I did not want him in the house – I had no need of his services and I had already called for assistance myself. After arguing – I let him in (I know!!!) – he started telling me I had to pay for a new kitchen etc.

I managed to get him out.

Long and short is – Citizens Advice and Council advice is that neighbour has to claim on their insurance for damage to their property. The small damp patch was dry by the next morning for us and plumber who came to ours inspected and said nothing more than a bit of residual water in a pipe. He attempted to gain entry to see what neighbours damage was and entry was denied.

Heard no more about it…..

Until a letter was sent to a relatives address in England (?!!!) from an insurance company called Direct group Property Services – demanding we pay £5500 immediately to settle the claim!!!

It’s all very dodgy – as per earlier – all advice online says they need to prove I was negligent – which I don’t believe I was – we are in the property every day and there was no leak – and when it was reported to us – we took immediate action.

Any advice welcome – I do believe it’s differemt in England and Scotland ?


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