Scrapped car, ordered another but insurance overlap of just days, missing a year NCB?


Hi, I’m looking for advice please.

Earlier this month I scrapped my car after it failed its MOT, it wasn’t worth paying for the repairs.

I ordered a new car on PCP and it’s due for delivery on the 7th June.

My issue is; I paid up front for the insurance on my old car and that runs out on 17th June.

If I cancel the existing insurance I lose the last years no claims bonus (NCB) and it will cost me for the privilege of cancelling too.

Is there any way I can insure the new car, before the 17th June with the 10 years NCB I will have accumulated on the 17th June. (No claims will be made before 17th June as the car is in bits now and registered as scrapped).

I don’t want to remain with my existing insurer as they are much more expensive than other quotes I’ve had and they would charge me to transfer the old insurance to the new car.

In short: Is there any way to insure my new car, with the 10 years NCB instead of 9 years NCB and drive away on the 7th, without having to wait until the 17th when I will have my 10 years NCB?

Thanks in advance.


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