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Good Afternoon
I previously took out a sainsburys % credit card to do a balance transfer, which is coming to an end. When i took out the credit card, they asked if i wanted a secondary card, which i said no to.
However, im now thinking of taking that offer up so my partner can use the secondary card. The card would purely be used for our joint food shopping. Mostly at sainsburys ( Nector points) and the likes of Lidl, Aldi.

The limit is £1,200, but i would want to reduce this to £500 as it would only be used for a food shop ( not that im planing of spending so much on food) Currently we use our own debit cards, but id rather put it all on the CC and pay it off every month in full to keep a credit card ticking over and we both pay 50/50 to the monthly statement so its equal all around

My question is:
1) Does it look bad to reduce a card limit by my request?
2) what financial impact does it add, with adding my partner onto the card?
3) Can he make any changes with the card limit? or is it me soley?

i may sound cautious, but i am when it comes to money lol

Any help is welcome

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