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Hi All

I had solar panels installed in 2014 costing about £7k for 4kw system. We should have 10 year insurance backed warranty on whole system with the 25 year performance warranty on the panels. This also included a de and re install of the panels if I needed work done on my roof within a 10 year period.

The company has gone bust and so have the insurance underwriters so I am stuck if I have a fault. My inverter is made by ABB so I have called them to see if they have a record of 10 year warranty on my unit as you can purchase additional cover when new, but it only has the standard 5 year warranty on the unit (runs out may 2019 by its date code) so past this date if it fails it will cost me to fix.

The whole system was paid for on a 0% credit card then paid off before the end of the term and is still an active card. Can I make a section 75 claim even though the system is still working? As I wont receive the 10 year warranty I should have and I also won’t receive the de and reinstall of the system if i need roof work done (so not receiving goods or services i have paid for). I have documentation/receipts and emails stating what our system should have and details about the warranty promesis etc as we did have some issues with the company after it was first installed. I’m not fussed about getting it all back but just to cover cost of inverter if it failed for example

I have also started receiving calls about “do I know my system is not covered and will cost x amount to replace inverter etc” so my details must have been sold on somewhere. I believe they stopped trading a few years ago but was unaware about warranty issues until I started receiving these calls.

any suggestions would be appreciated as I dont want to file a claim get it rejected then that stops me claiming later if the system has then fails completely for example

Thanks Stu


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