Section 75 refund to correct poor building works


Hi all,

I would appreciate your advice on the following situation we find ourselves in. We have paid around £6100 for a series of stained glass windows to be encapsulated in double glazing and fitted into existing frames in our 1930’s property.

The work has been completed to a sub-standard finish, with the joinery aspect of the work not being done to a sufficient level to create good seals on the windows. For example one window is fitted where there is a 8 mm air gap between window and frame. Also one of the window panels has been damaged in installation and needs replacing.

These issues have been highlighted to glass studio who were project managing the works, but we are now getting no response to our emails and calls asking for work to be arranged to remedy these issues.

My query is this:

I paid a £2800 deposit on credit card. Under section 75 would I be entitled to a refund of the amount it will cost me to have these works remedied by another firm?

If so do I get quotes for the value of these additional works?

How can I ensure that I will get any extra money I spend back?

Any help or advice welcomed.

Many thanks


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