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My nextdoor neighbour had a BBQ yesterday. She had it close to her shed.
Her shed caught fire.
My fence then caught fire.
My shed then caught fire
My garage then caught fire (it is thankfully a separate building (pitched/tiled roof)
My shed is now only half a shed and the majority of its contents are either burnt or melted.
The garage roof is burnt (not clear how severe but fire crew advised not going in until specialist advice taken)
The fire fell into the garage burning some items, not all, but melting lots.
Lots of water damage one would presume, after the fire crew drenched it all.
She admitted last night that it started from her shed catching fire from her BBQ.

I have contacted my insurers and things are in motion; loss adjuster will be visiting, plus a company for the contents side of things.

I have 2 questions:

1) Is my shed itself (not the contents) likely to be covered under the buildings insurance (I should have asked when I spoke to the insurance lady but forgot)

2) I have a feeling that the contents limit for outbuildings (sheds/garages) wont cover what has been ruined/damaged in the fire and as it was caused by the neighbour’s negligence, should I claim against *her* insurance for any thing above the limit of my own insurance plus my own excess and any increase to my premium?

Thanks in advance

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