Should I close my ‘old’ credit card account?


Morning all,

As part of my general drive to get more for my money I’ve been doing some pretty serious financial moving this week.

I have banked with the same bank since they started a ‘bank at my school’ in 1995. I carried on with them through university and forever since. But I get nothing from them, so I’m leaving.

Current account switch happening

Isa switch happening and my new rewards credit card has just arrived.

My question is: do I close my existing credit card down?

There is a £4.5k limit and it’s empty (always pay the balance in full)

New credit card has a £5k limit.

I was only expecting a low limit with the new credit card, so assumed I’d keep the old one in case I needed to make a big purchase.

Other info:

I have a ‘full’ emergency fund

No debt other than the mortgage, Wuxi her overpay.

And no impending big purchases.

What would you do?

Many thanks



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