Sofa – Extended Warranty Claim


Wonder if anyone can help. We have a 3 year old sofa that we paid for a 5 year warranty on. The sofa has begun to crack and the insurers have agreed this is an insurable event. They have attempted to repair but this made the cracking worse.

They have procrastinated for 6 weeks and now suggested reupholstering the side where the cracking is evident. They have said it is “highly unlikely” they will be able to match the cream leather. This is part of a three piece set so will not match the other furniture in the room. We have rejected this as a solution.

The whole thing has been dragging on 5 months now.

Reading the ombudsman’s guidance on such policies it suggests we need to be put back in the position we were before the damage / defect took place. For us if the insurer cannot repair to sofa to match the other side and other furniture then our reasonable expectation would be for them to write off the sofa and refund us the full cost. Is that fair and reasonable from us or would we have to let them attempt (a second) repair before going down this avenue.

Thanks in anticipation.


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