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I am going on a trip soon and thought I would get a credit card for back up and hotel preauthorisations etc.

I got myself into a bit of state some years ago but that is all past me now and off of my credit file. I had a look at some eligibility check calculators to see what what my offerings were.

I did the MSE ones which gave me a few options of 100% pre approved cards (Capital one, Chrome, Vanquis etc) it also said I had a good chance of getting Barclaycard or Lloyds.

I bank with Lloyds so I did their eligiblity calculator which said I was in with a 95% chance of getting a credit card through them.

Now my question is, as I pretty much need this card, what you’re should I go down? I have a Capital one card already (I am assuming I can have more than one card with one company) and with their 100% pre approval , shouldn’t really hit any snags.

I mean Lloyds do give much better APRs and balance transfers etc, which would be helpful but the need right now is for back up funds.

I know which ever one I go for leaves a mark on your credit report when you apply, how long does that stay on for?

Have I got a bad misconception that Capital one have much less of a better process than say Lloyds?

What I don’t want to happen is apply for the Lloyds credit card and then be told no, then it’s impossible for me to get any credit (Like capital one) As I said before the Lloyds card would be helpful to me next year as I plan on clearing my debts, if I applied for the Capital one credit card this year, used it for the emergency funds for the trip, cleared it and closed the account, would that put me at a disadvantage for next year if I was to apply for a Lloyds card and do balance transfers etc to clear my debt?

Sorry for the long thread just wanted some pointers (as I obviously have no idea what I’m doing)


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