Someone crashed into me in car park. I have his details. What is best course of action?



Went shopping earlier and when I got back to my car (which is only 2 weeks old!) I found a big scratch down the side. After reviewing the CCTV with security, we found who did it and were able to track him down and speak to him. He admitted fault and gave me his details (would’ve been nice if he could’ve left a note in the first place!).

What is my best course of action from here? It’s a brand new car and I don’t want it to be anything less than perfect (it’s a lease deal so I may get charged down the line if not). I’ve been trying to research online and I’m left confused about the best next steps. I’ve seen some things say go to his insurance, some say go to a credit hire company, and some say avoid insurance altogether since it will increase my premiums in future.

If it makes any difference, I’m insured with Direct Line and he is insured with LV.

Thanks in advance!



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