Something odd with my credit card


Hi all. I have a credit card with Vanquis that I’ve had for 6 years as of this month. A few years ago I damaged it and decided not to get a replacement card (I am trying to clear debts) and to just cut the card up and continue making the monthly payments.

I’ve had no communication from Vanquis since but have been paying the minimum monthly payment every month through direct debit. Every month I receive a text message telling me how much is left on the card, how much my available balance is, how much I need to pay and when they will take the payment. Last month my text message said I had £178 left on the balance. I’ve just received a text message saying this month my balance is zero and I have the full credit limit available, and I know for a fact I have made absolutely no additional payment. Has anyone ever had this before? I don’t know whether to keep quiet or ring them to check!


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