son gambling on cc card which doesnt have cash transactions


My son was added as an additional cardholder and been managing my finances whilst i have been in and out of hospital. To my shock i found out recently that he had managed to spend nearly £3000 on gambling transactions – this despite my card being only intended for purchases. It looks like these transactions went via paypal but were definitely identified as cash as for each transaction a £5 cash advance transaction charge has been added.

I have started the dispute process but am no really clear on my rights and looking for some guidance. At a minimum i would expect:

1) All the £5 fees to be refunded – no way are they profiting for their mistake in approving these transactions

2) I think these transactions should be interest free – maybe moving to a different account till paid off?, again because they should never have been approved in the first place.

3) Return of 2 over limit fees charged in the space of 1 week (first was added after their interest put the account over limit and then again week later when the account was overlimit after the statement date.

I certainly expect my son to pay back the original charges (albeit as the primary card holder i am legally the debt owner). However, having said that, if i were to go to the FOS with this, couldnt the CCC be found negligent , not just in allowing these transactions in the first place but allowing practically the whole balance to be from these transactions – even legitimate cards that allow cash withdrawals normally only allow 50% of the balance to be from cash.

Any acts/goverment papers i can use in this dispute to try and get ccc to meet my terms please? Thanks

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