Speed Awareness Course – Admiral


Just about the purchase car insurance with Admiral for first time ever as never been insured with them before, but on the very last page just before I click the payment button it says that if I’ve been on a speed awareness course I must ring them to let them know.

I did a speed awareness course over something like 15 years ago, so would be a bit miffed to think Admiral might like to hike my insurance quote now for a misdemeanour so long ago. If I’d taken the 3 points they would have come off over 10 years ago. So, do I ring Admiral and tell them (utmost good faith and all that!) or do I just consider it ‘spent’ and ignore it. And if I did ignore it, how would Admiral ever find out in the event a claim. The details of the course are not on my licence (never have been), and I’m assuming that any record of a course would have been deleted after 3-5 years similar to what would have happened if I’d taken the points. Just wished Admiral were more transparent about their policy to the point that if I did inform them and they increased the quoted premium I’d probably go somewhere else just out of spite!!


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