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I have a Capital One Credit Card with £200 credit on it. I’m not sure exactly which CO card it is. It’s 90% maxed, but I am meeting the repayments every month. I do try not to use it but I am single mother and sometimes I use it so we can eat or because my daughter needs shoes and I can’t get hold of the money immediately. As I said I am meeting the minimum repayments and do often over pay by £1-2.

My credit score is pretty poor but rising, due to some bad decisions I made while away at University, then getting pregnant younger than I anticipated.I’m only 25 nearly 26, but want to improve my CR so I can hopefully get a mortgage before I’m 30.

Currently paying £12 a month on the CC but 50% goes on interest. I can afford for my payments to go up to about £15 but it would be nicer if they could go down even by £2 or so.

So do I balance transfer and if so who to where I’m likely to get accepted with poor CR? Or do I just stick with what I’m with and hope I can pay it off?


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