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I have brought BT Wholehome Wifi system from BTs online store last year, after the goods became fautly I sent them back and BT issued a refund to my credit card (Monzo). The problem is the Monzo card had gone through some changes and in between me buying and sending the goods back, and the orginal card number is no longer valid. I have been issued a new card by Monzo. I therefore have not received my refund because Monzo say the refund will have failed to the old card number. Monzo can’t reactive this card number and BT are refusing to change the card number and re-issue the refund. I understand BT will have policies to protect them again fraud but after I have provded letters from Monzo, offered to go through any security checks BT will not see sense and are happy for me to be a large sum of money out of pocket plus I do not have the products any more, I have had to fork out again for them (not from BT and not WholeHome). Monzo are trying to help but there doesn’t appear to be much they can do. Where do I stand here, can anyone help. Can BT refuse to give me a refund? What responsibilty does Monzo as a bank have?

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