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Hello Everyone,

My problem is very complex. A month ago it appeared that our neighbors 2 doors down had water at the front of their house (our house is a bit higher than theirs). They spoke to me and suggested it is a leak from my house as I am higher than them. I spoke to my next door neighbor and it appeared that the floor in her garden conservatory is completely rotten and covered in water (she is elderly and didn’t use it). Now I realized that the step by our front door has been washed away. On a closer inspection in the house we have a big gap between the floor and the wall by the entrance door + upstairs the floorboards are detached from the walls. I am not sure if it’s subsidence or not. The neighbors involved (next door to us) are council tenants. When the leak came up the council has been informed. They came over and informed the water board. There were a few people coming over looking for the possible leak and they said it might be 8 houses up from us. They don’t know exactly, as all 8 households are on the shared mains and all the mains run through our gardens (private+council). I am really stressed out about this leak as it seems that it’s been there for ages (my neighbor 2 doors down had leak in 2014 coming down the same way) and getting worse. I am not sure if it’s a leak from water company mains in our garden or not. Does anyone know how is responsible for changing/fixing the water company mains running in my garden? Is it a water company or me? Also, regarding the leak and the gap between the floor and walls in my house+the front step…should inform the insurance company before the leak is sorted out or wait until they find where the leak is? Our home insurance runs out in May… not sure if I should wait for the renewal or just inform them now. The problem is that the water company is dragging their heels to sort it out. It was reported a month ago and nothing has been done about it! Apparently, the council is disputing the cost of the damage to the conservatory with a water board. I am not sure if my insurance is not going to be invalid if I don’t disclose the damage to my the soil under the step or my neighbor property… there are no signs of leak ie pools of water on our property; apart from the soil washed from under the step.
Please advise or suggest anything. Any of your experiences… I am can’t sleep at night because of all this!
Thank you.


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