Successful Section 75 claim on used car


Hi there guys. I’m just posting this here because when I was stuck I struggled to find success stories regarding being stung by a dodgy car dealer and claiming back money using the Section 75 protection on a credit card.

At Christmas I decided to buy an Audi TT for £8000. Not brand new but a nice car for me. I bought £1500 of it on a credit card and then the rest from my current account.

Two days after buying it, the car was losing coolant rapidly. I took it to a garage and they found it to be a broken head gasket and blowing manifold.

I reported this to the dealer who initially pushed me towards getting a repair on their warranty. When I told him I was rejecting the car through my short term right to reject he went crazy. He lied and said that we had verbally accepted a repair on the car which we hadn’t. We went round in circles with it all and went to a solicitor who basically told us that unless you take him to court, he can say and do exactly as he pleases.

During this time we got two independent mechanics reports for the car which we paid extra for to be typed up.

I then went to my credit card company (Sainsbury’s) and initiated a Section 75 claim. (I informed the dodgy dealer of this and he threatened police action and taking me to court. A solicitor told me to ignore it and carry on anyway) It took roughly 11 weeks of hearing pretty much nothing but at the end of it we were successful. I am being refunded the cost of the car, the cost of the independent reports and the solicitor costs. I think typing every single thing up on a timeline and providing the reports was key.

Strangely, nothing at all happens to the dodgy dealer. The credit card company just swallow up the debt and carry on.

Anyway I hope this is of some help to someone who is wondering if it is worth it! I was very close to biting the bullet and going to get the car repaired. I’m glad I didn’t now!




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