Summer Hols CC Advice; Existing Clarity or Barclay Platinum?


Hi folks,

I’m off on hols to the Balearic’s in June.
It’s been almost two years since I last used my Halifax Clarity card back in 2016 when I visited Mexico.
It worked out great back then (despite being very aware of the dodgy ATM’s over there) and hardly cost me thing to withdraw cash.

Now the new hols are upon us and I was wondering if it’s best to stick with my Clarity card or apply for the Barclay Platinum?

When abroad I always have the money I need in Sterling stored in my current account at home, so when I return I have the full amount covered and pay it off in full within a few days of returning.
It’s just that I like the piece of mind of knowing I can withdraw the amount of cash I need as and when required. Not having to carry a fortnight’s worth of holiday money is a lot more relaxed.

Any advice welcome, not too technical mind you, I’m an NHS worker! Ask me to rehab you after a new knee or hip and zero problemo but don’t get me confused with money!



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