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I just wanted to flag to other users some of the tactics I’ve experienced from Swinton Insurance over the last few years, they especially like people like me who aren’t the fastest to act or most organised so if you’re anything like me they’re very unlikely to be the insurers for you.

1. They’ve pretty much doubled my car insurance year on year. My first policy covering two experienced drives had a quote of around £380 which seemed competitive. The most recent policy is for £1043. Last year I wasn’t really paying attention and it jumped up to £820 and had automatically renewed before I realised. We haven’t had an accidents or claimed during this period.

2. On signing up they’ve fined me £40 for not returning forms on time despite me doing business with them over the phone. They stated that they flag these charges during the call but its actually deep within many minutes of read out T&Cs.

3. If you chose to pay monthly they charge a 16% ‘finance’ charge — in my case £143.99. Well above anything I’ve had from any of their competitors.

Arguably all these extra costs are avoidable, and I’m sure had I been more organised I could have negotiated better prices, but personally I see these for what they are, stealth taxes for you’re not paying full attention. So if you’re anything like me and casually grab car insurance based on the cheapest quote without reading the full T&Cs ( aren’t always hot on opening your mail when it comes to renewal time) I’d recommend avoiding Swinton Insurance.


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