Switching whilst using Household Legal Protection (ie active claim)

After being tripped by aisle clutter in a well known supermarket (they have accepted liability), I engaged a solicitor to bring a personal injury claim against the establishment concerned under the terms of the HLP (household legal protection) policy extension of my house insurance.

I have kept with the same insurer ever since, largely because the blessed claims process has taken up time in my busy life.

However, I notice that comparison sites suggest I am overpaying, so I’d like to switch.

My insurer, Swinton, assured me over the blower that claims against the HLP do not affect my no-claims bonus, so presumably the claim’s active nature would be no barrier to switching if I chose to do so.

I am however wary of issues I have not foreseen. I’d be much obliged to hear from anyone out there who has encountered the same situation and learned a thing or two about whether I should switch before the claim is settled (likely to be in six months due to limitation).

Thanks in advance.

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