Nigerian Naira to Dollar Today


With the Nigerian economy still shaking and the Dollar to Naira black market looking very unstable, it will be wise for one to look for a way to make extra income to meet daily needs. Those still under the care of their parents won’t know much about the Naira to Dollars exchange rate and also […]

Dollar to Naira black market rate today Friday, 31/03/2017

    The Dollar to Naira black market rate today Friday, 31/03/2917 stands at N381/N397. This represents a fall for the Naira for the second day running after  the Naira traded for N370/N380 to 1 USD  on Thursday, a drop from the exchange rate of 1 USD to N365/N380 on Wednesday, 29/03/2017. The exchange rate […]

Dollar to Naira black market rate today Thursday, 30/03/2017

The Dollar to Naira black market rate today is N377/N385. This would represent a first loss for the Nigerian Naira over the last 3 weeks against the US dollars. The Naira had recorded sustained growth against the USD in the parallel Forex market prior to this drop.  The US dollar was traded at a rate of […]

Bad Effects of Free Fall or Depreciating Naira exchange rates today

The dollar to naira black market rate is dramatically turning in favor of the Naira, because if you look back at history, you will see that the Naira has not been doing great. There were times the Naira was doing well, such as in: 1999 when the Naira exchange rate was N21.89 = $1. However, […]


The popular currency of the United States, the US Dollar is recording loss against some other major currencies in the world. In Nigeria, The Central Bank is doing great as it is currently putting in some measures into action to make sure that the Nigerian Naira gains and strengthens against the Dollar and other major […]

Dollar to Naira black market rate today Wednesday, 29/03/2017

The Dollar to Naira black market rate for today Wednesday, 29th of March 2017 stands at N370/N380  at the close of business day. This represents a break in the steady gains the Naira has been recording over the past weeks  against the Greenback.The Naira was traded against the US dollar at N365/N380 yesterday Tuesday, 28th […]

Ask an Expert About Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria

1.Do you think there are prospects for grasscutter farming in Nigeria? Yes,there are more prospectsts for grasscutter farming in Nigeria because is a new emerging market yet to be known to a lot of people,so the investors that start now will reap good return on their investments. Grasscutter farming is a business that does not […]


Chapter one 1.1            background of the study Nigeria has a formal and active capital market. Before 1961, almost all formal savings and deposits went through the banking system while the then colonial masters invested major capital balances for the country on the London stock exchange. However, following the establishment of the Central Bank of Nigeria […]

Can He Marry Me? I Ask

Several experienced ladies the world over have since learnt that ‘I love you’ may not necessarily lead to marriage denote real love. Perhaps you need to know this too but not in the hardest way possible. This may mean nothing but that infatuation you may or may not have ever heard all your life. Too […]

Beyond the CAMELS Rating: A Model for predicting bank failures in Nigeria

Beyond the CAMELS Rating: A Model for predicting bank failures in Nigeria  By: Shafii Ndanusa FCCA, Abuja – Nigeria.                In the year 1968, a financial economist called Edward Altman, then an Assistant Professor of Finance at New York University published what is popularly known in the global finance community as the Z-Score formula for predicting corporate […]

Growing Up In Nigeria: Then and Now

To today’s Nigerian adolescent, some of the information in this article may seem like a fairy tale but they are true. However, for those who were adolescents and young children then, it should kindle nostalgia. For Nigerians born and bred between 1963 and 1983 in Nigeria, it was a potpourri of experiences growing up. Depending […]


Nigeria is a developing country with lots of opportunities for investors, a land that is filled with lots natural resources and none of natural disasters, lots of foreigners from other countries round the world, that found it hard to make a living in their home town have come to Nigeria and today with a little […]

The N620 billion Nigeria Bank Stimulus: Some Economic and Financial Implications

THE N620 BILLION NIGERIA BANK STIMULUS: Some Economic and Financial Implications Written By: Shafii Ndanusa MBA, FCCA, Abuja – Nigeria. Nigeria and in fact the entire world economy has in the last five weeks witnessed the spectacle of the unfolding drama in the nations’ banking and financial landscape. A major stabilizing decision that was taken in […]

Nigeria Stock Exchange

Nigeria Stock Exchange was founded in the year 1960 as the Lagos Stock Exchange with 19 securities listed for trading. Today there are 262 securities listed on The Exchange, made up of 11 Government Stocks, 49 Industrial Loan (Debenture/Preference) Stocks and 194 Equity / Ordinary Shares of Companies.The Nigeria Stock Exchange took on its present […]