Tandem Bank credit card woes



My partner and I waited for 3 months on the wait list to get Tandem’s credit card offering of 0.5% cash back and no fee foreign transactions, because of Martin’s recommendation.

After 2 months of use we are reviewing our decision, does anyone else have feed back, Tandem don’t have a community site like Starling or Monzo or a “Trustpilot” site and I can’t see any feed back here, either good or bad!

Our findings:

1- The app looks and feels old school, poorly designed, slow with little functionality..

2- The app needs a new pin every two weeks and you have ring the customer service number in core hours of 8 till 6.

3- The out of hours customer service is outsourced, and they have little understanding of the product and only deal with fraud or lost cards. They also appear to be reading from a script.

4- The balances on the app are incorrect

5- Refunds show but the balance is not updated

6- Pre authorisation show in app but never drop off the app when not collected by the merchants

7- Customer services are only Monday to Friday 8-6, they are friendly, but don’t really understand the issues because their system transactions and balances are different from the app, you have to send screen shots to verify what your saying

8- Paper statements, no online offering, statement balance not shown in app

9- Account aggregation does not work with First Direct due to password issues in the app

10- Missing transaction and transactions disappear from the app (balance stays the same)

11- Long call wait times

12- No instant chat

13- Launching savings account when this product does not have fully functional and robust customer app / interface

14- No in app notification of transaction

15- Security setup when joining could not be complete the account pin request – still haven’t been able to achieve this

When you do speak to the customer services team you do often get to speak with the same person which is a bonus, but they have to pass everything on. Very limited improvement in the app, it’s functionality and appearance in two months, some problems they say should be fixed in the next two months some they don’t have timescales, not all customers are have the same problems. I believe the developers should look to apps from Starling and Monzo to see great new world (fintech) banking apps, Tandems app looks, feels and offers the functionality of Lloyd’s Bank app 5 years ago.

Unlike Starling’s Anne Boden their CEO who answers tweets from customer with good and bad issues eve late at night, Ricky Knox the CEO of Tandem just BLOCKS YOU!!!

Your thoughts please, are we the only ones witnessing these issues? It would help us to decide to stay or go, 0.5% cash back is not enough to wade through the problems with Tandem, when we also have Clarity Cards and Monzo and Starling already.

Finally should Martins team be recommending Tandem in its current state. Has my mother would say Tandem is “all fur coat and no knickers”!!!128514;


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