Telling buildings insurer about renovation


Hello. I recently purchased a home and having lived in it for several months now and due to some changes in circumstances, I’ve realised the home must be renovated now. It will involve rewiring, replumbing, repainting, new floors, and a few small structural changes. I will need to relocate with family for a few months.

I need to tell the buildings insurer about this work but I’m concerned they could cancel the policy and I’d have to mention this whenever I try to buy buildings insurance in the future. The policy says the home can’t be vacant for over 30 days. When I first looked for buildings insurance, I asked how it would work if we wanted to do a renovation in the future and they refused to quote.

Should I cancel the policy myself and find an insurer that specialises in renovations? Or should I just mention it and hope for the best? I could also call and say I’d like to cancel if they can’t cover this.

This is my first home and my first time having buildings insurance. Thanks!


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