Tempted to just accept car insurance renewal, price comparison sites are higher


I just got the yearly renewal offer from my car insurer: £298 up from £240 last year. Just the usual insurance company trying to profit off lazy people I think. Time to get on the comparison sites like I do every year. Then call my insurer and get them to match or I’ll switch. I have an other year of NCD, so it should come out about the same even with inflation.

But, this year the online quotes are all above £300. One at £260, but with poor coverage. Any ideas why this happened? I suppose there could have been a wave of car thefts in my area or something, but it seems unlikely. Even my own insurer quotes £379 on the comparison site, but will let me renew for £298. I can’t imagine they’ve suddenly decided to reward loyal customers with lower premiums.

Am I stuck paying 24% more for insurance this year for no good reason, or have I missed something?

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