Terminal Cancer and My Credit Card


Hi people.

I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer about a month ago and have been busy ever since with sorting out my affairs.

Time isn’t on my side and have become unemployed whilst a family member is around the house to take care of me. They can’t be certain about how long I have left but around November time is their estimate but the illness can deteriorate rapidly further at anytime.

I have a credit card with American Express called the Platinum Cashback. I’ve only ever used it for family holidays and large expenses that I couldn’t afford up-front. My balance is at the moment is £5250 and I’ve already paid £2000 out of our joint savings account since I was told the severity of my illness.

My husband will be able to clear the balance for me when I pass away, but a lady from American Express was a bit unclear on how this would work. Does anyone know what will happen to the account after I am deceased and whether my husband is able to simply call up and pay the bill or is there more to it?


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