Tesco Bank Home Insurance – Schedule – “is regularly unoccupied during the day”


I am querying my “Tesco Bank Home Insurance – Schedule”, most of it seems obvious but these 2 statements put together suggest one thing, but separately suggest something different.

My home….

d) is regularly occupied at night YES

e) is regularly unoccupied during the day NO

I am sure the original online query (probably from a comarison site) for (e) would have been something like:

“is regularly occupied during the day”,

which, as my wife and I are retired would have been YES.

However, if you make that a double negative as in the schedule i.e. “is regularly unoccupied during the day” becomes very ambiguous.

Whilst we are both “based” in the house during the day most days, we go to the shops, go on holiday, go into the garden, have days out. COULD ANY OF THESE BE CONSTRUED AS “is regularly unoccupied during the day”?

I did ring Tesco CS, but got the response, it is up to you to decide. I will probably ring and push it again. Unfortunately I cannot find an email address for queries, especially as, it would be nice to have something in writing.

Has anyone else come across this or have any ideas?


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