Tesco Credit Card 0% 36 Months



I am looking for a bit of advice.

I have the above credit card as the thread title suggests. I recently transfered the remaining balance from a car finance to the credit card and I noticed I had some fees in my last card statement. I phoned customer service from Tesco Bank and they told me that it was treated as a cash transfer, so not only do I have to pay a fee I also now have 30% APR applied to the full balance until it has been cleared. Apparently this have been the case since April/May this year.

I feel a little ripped off as my car finance was already 0% and I only transfered the debt in order to sell the car. Anyone else heard of this? Can this be classed as a cash transfer?

They also said they wrote to me about the change, I dont recall ever reading this and I am not the type to chuck any communication in the bin, unless it was buried in some small print.


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