Tesco Credit Card – Existing Customer Offers?


Hello to you all,

I am wondering if anyone has previous experience of receiving existing customer offers with Tesco Clubcard Credit Card?

I have a £0 balance and I am interested in doing a Money Transfer but I am just off the phone to Customer Services and they advised that the APR for it is 33.2% plus a 3% fee!

I enquired are there any offers or will there be in the future but Customer Services advised “We are not sure when these offers will happen. We are never told by Management if offers are to be pushed out to customers”. Although very strange I have heard this before from their Customer Services.

I am thinking of telephoning to close the account in the hope that they may offer a deal to keep me as a customer. Again, has anyone had experience of this?

Many thanks for any help or advice you can offer,



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