The beast from the east: Ryanair travel insurance


My return flight from Malaga to Bristol was cancelled at the beginning of the month, owing to the beast from the east closing down most of the UK, and I had to find an alternative flight (to Stansted, plus make my way back to the west country) plus spend an extra couple of days in Spain. (I actually enjoyed the whole experience, but that’s another story!)

I’d taken out a single-trip policy with Ryanair, and was – perhaps foolishly – assuming that my expenses would be covered by this.

Wrong! I’ve just heard back from the insurers as follows:

The subscribed insurance policy excludes the reimbursement for the reason described in the following exclusion:
13. Any claims arising directly or indirectly from the tour operator, airline or any other company, firm or person either becoming insolvent or being unable to or unwilling to fulfil any part of their obligation.

So their tack is obviously Ryanair wasn’t able to fly – you don’t get nothing back.

Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences along these lines, and whether it’s worth trying to argue back?


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