this is not a new thread but I cant find the old one


Something has changed…. much for the worse. I’ve been a member for many years, always the same two interests. 1) Pension stuff: I mean proper pension stuff, not links or recommendations, simply full tilt, up to date information – this site has usually been borderline useless. 2) Best Credit Cards. Me, use them as an old fashioned charge card: once a month you get a bill and you pay it, in full, every time so cash back or rewards, simple as and/or zero foreign exchange fees. One that did both might be fine but more than happy to have two, one good at one thing, one good at the other – hey, what happens if one fails? Some backup, even if not ideal? How can I get to that long, long established, very well informed cash back thread? I’ve posted before and read frequently but can’t find it at all today. I must be missing something but, what used to be so simple is today so hard.

Anyway…. Amazon M/C 0.5% in vouchers, not cash-back but ‘near cash’ to me. Anyone have one and anyone know which bank is underwriting it? Or a link to the original thread please!


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