This REALLY worries me but what can I do???


Dear all,

I’ve just seen this article on the MSN Homepage:

So the bottom line is (I’ve checked my Aviva policy) that if there is no sign of violent or forcible entry, any theft claim to my property would be declined.

Of course, I understand why the exclusion is there. I mean why should an Insurance company pay out if I’ve left my door open or left a key under a plant pot… left spare keys with friends or left windows wide open etc.

However, if I’ve done absolutely everything possible to prevent a burglary why should I be penalised if say my door lock is picked?

I mean for a small sum you can buy all the necessary tools to learn to gain entry, including skeleton keys, off eBay. There’s lots of downloadable guides/videos. Also, for a few hundred pounds you can do a Locksmith’s course (no background checks) which last 3 or 4 days.

It really upsets me that if my property is burgled by somebody who has learned to pick locks like a locksmith (or even a rogue locksmith!) I would not be covered and I could potentially loose everything.

Aviva, and indeed ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES… how is this peace of mind?


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