Travel Insurance & Declaring Pre-existing Conditions


Another question from me 🙂

Here’s the situation my ex is in.

GP Surgery rang and offered a free medical. Multiple times despite him feeling fine and saying he wasn’t really interested. It was more hard-sell than double glazing! I’ve since found out they get paid for these medicals (wonder how GDPR impacts on them!). Anyway, he eventually went along, had his blood pressure taken (all fine) and blood samples taken. Two weeks later they said he had slightly raised cholesterol and the nurse suggested he take statins because ‘everyone takes them these days’. He did, but felt awful on them so went back and the next nurse said he could stop them as ‘it wasn’t that high anyway’ and she would have just made him aware so he could change his diet rather than put him on statins. So he stopped them and changed his diet. Now, when completing the Travel Insurance forms online, they ask questions about having raised cholesterol and being prescribed medication, then charge an additional premium. Had he not gone for that medical, he wouldn’t have to declare the condition so how is ‘knowing’ making his risk any higher than another person of the same age – and the fact he was prescribed medication was due to the personal opinion of one nurse. Very annoying! Is it right that a Travel Insurer can ask such basic questions and price as a risk, without the opportunity to further clarify that the GP wasn’t seen as a result of any problems and the medication was prescribed as a precautionary measure rather than as part of a treatment plan for a medical incident? Everything is so online these days for convenience that I don’t know if speaking to a specialist travel insurer would be better – or who to contact in any case!

Thanks for any advice.


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