Travel insurance emergency number query


Hi all

Earlier this year I booked a last minute trip to Spain, which lasted less than 24hrs due to me breaking my arm. I had taken out cover with a very large UK insurer – who I don’t wish to name as I have taken this matter to the Financial Ombudsman.

Basically I had printed out the email cover sheet for this insurance, which included my full policy number, dates covered, and the name/address/telephone number of the insurer. However when I rang during the evening from Spain the office was closed and the answer message simply said to ring from 9am the following morning. I could not access my emails one of which contained no less than four separate pdf documents, buried deep within which was the emergency number. The company refuse to pay any of my expenses in leaving Spain early because I had not spoken to their office (I left Spain the following morning as there was only one plane heading back to the South West that day and I just wanted to get home).

The company say I should have made a note of the emergency number, I believe that any reasonable person would expect this very large company to provide the key emergency contact information on the main email or at least as part of the answerphone message.

Can anyone here point me in the direction of any relevant consumer law or case law precedent about this? Please no smart alec comments, I’m only now driving again after three months off work. This is genuinely about the principle not the price of a return flight home, I am disgusted that the insurance company can – without a word of apology – set people up for this sort of situation. Anybody give any sensible help?




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