Travel Insurance for Adult Child & Parent


Hi, my ex and I have taken our children away each year (together) since they were tots so generally just get a family insurance policy and ensure the insurer is happy with the situation. This year our youngest is 18 so we’re finally having our own summer holidays. I have annual travel insurance now but need cover for 4 days in France for our 18 yo who is coming with me. My ex is then going to USA with her for 3 weeks immediately following our return. I’m then taking her to Spain for 4 days. I was going to take out an annual worldwide cover for her and a single trip worldwide policy for him, but does that cover each of them in the event that one of them can’t travel to US or do they need a joint policy for that holiday? I tried to do a ‘family’ policy for them but as she’s now 18 it has to be a ‘friend group’ and the cost seems very high compared to previous years. The medical side of things is fine, it’s the non-medical bits that concern me. For example, if she fell ill, would his insurance cover him to stay with her. Or if something happened to me, would they both be able to cancel on the basis that I’m a close relative or would they only consider me to be her close relative and not his? I’m not too concerned with the EU trips being cancelled, but the US one is important.

Any advice appreciated.


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