Travel insurance: mild depression years ago


I had a couple of episodes of mild depression several years ago. I had antidepressants for a few months but that was all. Now I’m absolutely fine – I haven’t taken medication for years and have not the slightest problem with my mental health. But when I went to get a travel insurance quote I put it in as a pre-existing condition and the price instantly doubled.

I’m 100% certain that any illness or accident that might befall me when travelling would have absolutely nothing to do with my years-old episodes of depression. Nor is there the slightest possibility I’d cancel the trip because of it (even at my worst, I still went on holiday).

My question is: are there companies where you can opt out of cover for a particular pre-existing condition? I’m guessing that simply not declaring is isn’t an option as I assume that if you do need to make a claim, the insurance company would get hold of your records and then invalidate the insurance even if you were claiming for, say, a broken leg which had nothing to do with your depression.

Has anyone experienced this situation and got any tips?


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