Tricked by Credit Hire firm 2 months hire @ £30K!



Really worried can’t eat or sleep, struggling at work and family home environment abysmal with my little kids (5yrs and 8yrs) and wife very upset.

Basically I didn’t realise what I signed up for by this dodgy Credit Hire Firm (CHF) who say I may be liable for a £30,000 car hire bill, for hiring a VW Passat for just 2 and a half months!!!!

About 2 years ago I was involved in an accident on a motorway where a lorry driver shunted me in the back after tailing me in my lane, on lane 1. I strongly felt it wasn’t my fault.

Anyway at the time after damage to my car I desperately needed a replacement. I first went to my insurers who agreed I wasn’t liable and forwarded me to their credit hire firm. Unfortunately this firm was being really awkward with paperwork, asking for a list of bank statements, log books and other documents that were registered at different addresses so refused me the car.

In desperation I spotted a leaflet at a local shop of an Accident Management Firm. I therefore spoke to them. Within 24 hrs they managed to recover my car and put me through to their CHF who gave me the keys to the Passat at their office and just asked to sign in 2 places. The whole process felt rushed and the employee at the CHF told me he was busy and I had to go in a hurry. Unfortunately I didn’t get a copy of the paperwork or a chance to read it but noticed a price of hire which seemed a little high. I therefore asked him, “am I liable if the case doesn’t go my way?” and he responded that “No don’t worry, as long as you’re truthful you’re indemnified and it’s a free car, you won’t have any problem and we won’t come to you for money if they don’t pay”.

He then just took a copy of my driving licence and sent me off with me ‘new hire car’ !!!

I never thought more of it after that and took the car thinking I’ll give it back in 5 days when my car is fixed.

However in reality, my car was hijacked by this Accident Management Firm in a holding area for 10 days and repairs hadn’t even begun. Later it was sent to some dodgy mechanic who spent over 2 months to fix a simple tailgate, lights and a bumper…which wasn’t even done satisfactorily.

In the end I had the Passat for a colossal 87 days!!!!

Now 2 years on, solicitor suggests case could go 50/50 because a police officer at the scene of accident, after it occurred reckons I may have pressed my break which caused lorry to collide and both are partially to blame. As a non-eyewitness I think he was just trying to be neutral as the lorry driver was practically begging him to take his side that day.

Anyway Solicitor told me I would have to pay for half the costs. I spoke to my insurance and they said that they won’t pay for the car hire because I didn’t use it through them. I asked solicitor what the day rate for my car was, and he said it’s an astronomical £340 a day!

I then spoke to CHF and those crooks are now telling me I AM LIABLE if TP doesn’t pay

This means I’ll have to re-mortgage my house, all for hiring a stupid car at an extortionate rate. I work at a bank so can’t affords to have a CCJ. I’m really scared and confused, I can’t believe how easily I was duped into signing up for something I didn’t even need.

Can anyone help?

Really can’t deal with the ‘doom and gloomers’, just want some positive advice.

I read lots of court cases about similar scenarios. Seems a lot of people are getting trapped and extorted in this insurance related scam. This case below was interesting:


and these articles about it were interesting to read too.


(Sorry MSE won’t let me post proper links if I’m new)

So how enforceable is this contract?

What will happen if I don’t pay and take it to court?

I’m stunned and angry at myself as nowhere in my right mind would I have taken such an illogical extortionate car hire if I had known that potentially I could be facing such a huge bill.

I wish I had googled this issue that time, I would have given their stupid car back the very next day. I feel totally scammed and let down by Trading Standards etc who allow these opportunists to take advantage of people in vulnerable situations that hire cars in desperation not realising what they are signing up for. Now I know about these liars and should have got his assurances in writing.

Also what I find odd I had some money in my bank but they never asked me if I was impecunious. They then asked me to email copies of my bank statements a month later into the hire.

I’m wondering how these people tbh will take it to court if I don’t pay and ask a judge with a straight face for this ridiculous sum of money from an ordinary man?

Please help

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