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Hi all

I’ve recently noticed large patches of mold appearing near the edged of the roof (on the inner walls) and had a contractor out to look at the damage. He advised it’s likely as a result of storm damage to the roof and that we should go through our insurance.

At this point I called Policy Expert and the call routed through to Trinity Claims. They sent a surveyor out and that’s the last we heard for weeks. Numerous calls to them over the weeks were answered with “we’re waiting for the report”. I put through a complaint and a week later they had the report and would be back in touch in a few days. A week later (today) I called and was told it’s now gone off to someone else and they’re waiting to hear back. It’s now been 6 weeks since I put a claim in and I don’t even know if the claim is going to be agreed or turned down.

I googled a bit and found a few reviews on trust pilot and they all said the same thing, in a nutshell Trinity just stall and stall and stall and at this point I have no faith that this is going to be resolved anytime soon. I’m regretting claiming on home insurance (something that I sure I shouldn’t) and i’m due for renewal in 9 days. This claim is now going to effect my premium and I don’t even know if they’ll agree it or not.

I’m feeling totally backed into a corner here with no way of getting them to actually action the claim and stop fobbing me off or unable to cancel the claim and just get the damage repaired myself but without it affecting my next premium.

Any advice?


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