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Hello All

I’m looking for a little advice or even pointing in the right direction to get the advice I need

My ex-wife and mother to my three children died 7 years ago and left in total around 110k which since my ex BIL was a financial chap we mostly loaded into a trust fund, and investments etc . we nibbled away over the years for the kids and they’re now all over 21 and myself and the other trustees would like to distribute the fund to the kids so they don’t have to come cap in hand to us for it every time they need

My thoughts are divvy up 3 ways and put a substantial sum (30k? each) into a high earning account (with an access scenario of say 30days) for them respectively and give them
the cash of the other 5k or so.

I have never done anything remotely like this and would like some assistance in where to turn

Your collective assistance is most welcome

Many Thanks
Mark and The Family


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