Trustcard Plus points: Lloyds lie about redeeming


I’ve never bothered with Trustcard Plus points in the past as all you can use them for these days is to buy vouchers for Argos etc. at a 10% discount,

However my latest statement says:
Don’t forget you may have unredeemed Trustcard points to use
As you spend, you collect points which you can exchange for high street vouchers. Your points balance can be found on your monthly credit card statement.
To find out more about our selected retailers or to redeem your points, simply call us on 0345 603 7132.

That’s new. I’ve got over 7800 points so I gave the number a call, only to find it’s still the old 10% off deal.

OK, call Trustcard Customer Services to complain about what is at best a misleading statement.

Had no problem explaining that wording did not agree with facts and asked to make a complaint.

They came back with, in precis, that the wording had been approved and wouldn’t be changed. I was offered £9 compensation for my calls and time.

So Lloyds lie about the way TC Plus points can be exchanged and when challenged take the line that as it was approved it’s OK.

Did any other Lloyds customers have this on their statement and any suggestions as to how to proceed from here?


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