Trustee permission to cancel life insurance?


Is the policy in trust?

Its not normal for policies not in trust (as there are no trustees). However, if yours is in trust, then it is the requirement of the trustees to look out for the interests of the beneficiary.

Do also be aware that cancelling the direct debit is actually just cancelling method of payment. If the trustees decide that you should not cancel the policy, you would be liable for a) the missed premiums to get it reinstated or b) the sum assured of the life assurance should there be a claim that the insurer would not pay out.

I feel this is poor practice & would be curious other people thoughts as this has put me off ever using it recommending legal & general in future.

What has L&G got to do with it? Any policy can be placed in trust. The provider is not the issue here. It seems daft to blame them when this is a legal matter.

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