TSB Cashback failure update 170518


My TSB cashback should have been credited somewhere between 6th and 10th May for the period 1st-30th April.

The TSB website says “We’ve had a technical issue that’s meant we’re making the payment to you later this week. We’re sorry about that but you will have the cashback by the end of this week (18th May).”

I’ve now had a payment – not for 1st Apr-30th Apr, not even for 1st Apr to 10th May, or even 1st April to 15th May.

No – they’ve paid the grand total of 71p for the spend between 10th May and 15th May. (i.e. the period between last non-statement day, and the day they did the calculation).

It seems patently obvious to me that they are now doing no testing of any description on IT “fixes”. So now they have to fix the fix.



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