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Hi! I hope someone can help. Earlier this week I bought a car and my existing insurer was too expensive to continue my policy. After seaching I found a much cheaper one and went with them, paying in full for the year. Today I received an email from them saying I had an undeclared claim and that they we increasing my premium and charging me for a mid term amendment. I have 13 years no claims and have never made a claim. However 4 years ago a woman drove into the back of me in a traffic jam. I informed my insurer that it had happened but did not want to make a claim as there was no damage or. njuries. I informed them.as I was concerned that the woman who ran into me might have changed her mind and decided to claim as her car was quite damaged. I had totally forgotten about this as there was no claim. So I did not state this in my application for with the the new company for insurance. My 13 years no claims is still in tact. The new company want to increase my insurance by £58 and charge me
.£35 for the adjuatment. When i phoned they said i needed evidence that i had never made a claim but the old company will not give me that! So i am being charged £100 dor something that was a non event and that was absolutely not.my fault… I was stationary in a traffic jam when she hit.me!

Can anyone advise me how to procede?

Thanks in advance



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