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Interesting case study published in this month’s FOS newsletter, an elderly gent had blindly renewed his home insurance via the same insurer for 15 years. Increases after year 5 averaged 15% per year, the FOS ruling is below:

We told the insurer to refund the difference in premiums, with interest, for each year between the price paid after five years and the subsequent renewal offers. The insurer also accepted our recommendation to pay £150 for the upset they caused Mr A.”

(taken from FOS case study 144/3)


I’ve never agreed with dual pricing, however it’s a necessary evil where rates are sold at a loss to get the business in.

Having seen some really unfair commission pricing from one Broker who targeted older clients, I’m glad that the FOS are now taking a stance on this, considering cases on their merits and forcing refunds where appropriate.

Hopefully the link provided can assist with other complaints seen here from time to time, where renewal pricing for long term clients is well above NB rates and unjustifiably so.

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