Uninsured Vehicle – Hit and Run


Hi all,

I am new to this forum and hope I found the right one.

My insurance ran out a couple of days ago as I was leaving for my holiday.

The idiot that I am thought it’d be smart to save a few pounds by only insuring the car once I’m back from holiday.

I didn’t register it as Sorn either as that wouldn’t make sense for 2 weeks.

Now I’m back, and I noticed someone hit the front right of my car, on private property.

I saw there is MiB which can help with hit and run cases, but I guess my case is slightly different as my car wasn’t insured and it was on private property.

I’m hoping someone can advise?

I understand that it was my stupidity for not insuring my car straight away, so I’d appreciate it if no one wastes their time on explaining that to me. 😀

Thank you!


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