Unusual entries on my credit file…


Afternoon all, I’ve been reviewing my MSE Credit Club report and Experian file and have noticed a number of odd entries during May.

One day there was a hard search made by “Oodle Financial Services Limited” of application type “Hire purchase / Conditional Sale” and 4 soft searches on that and the next day by “Advantage Finance” and “Specialist Motor Finance” for “Multiple Product Quotation” and “Personal Loan Quotation” respectively.

I can categorically say that NONE of those were me. I haven’t been looking for car finance and have studiously avoided any ‘hard’ searches since last July with the view to applying for 2 new credit cards (one BT and one purchases) to roll over 0% deals that I have coming to an end in late August.

Is the best course of action to report this to Experian via the “Need some help?” and “I don’t recognise this search. What should I do?” tabs???

Apart from my obvious concern re. the possible fraud aspect I’m wondering what effects all this will have on applying for those 2 cards. I’m down as 100% pre-approveed for them both currently but am wondering if the extra hard search and possible fraud will alter this…

I’d be grateful for any ideas anyone might have!


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